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Within the context of the development of the competitiveness of modern companies, involving of the human factor appears as an important lever. The investments in training allow building human resources capable of identifying unprecedented issues and making the adequate decisions.

ASH Institute is a tangible result of this vision, as it has taking a task that is as simple as subtle : spotting suitable solutions which matches, at best, the needs for African human resources regarding the strengthening of their capacities.

ASH Group comes to crown a more audacious and more ambitious concept : promoting the exchange and cooperation between the continent skills through management expertise. To make this possible, the group has acquired relevant resources and has invested in needed means to achieve the pursued objectives.

ASH Institute was set up by adopting Framework that allows to exceed the frame restriction of a temporary and ephemeral training, to cover a more general and broader design of the development of human resources in management.

ASH Institute has developed an Expertise round three fundamental lines of finance that are as independent as they are complementary: banking and insurance activities, capital markets and corporate finance.

Whether you are a banking institution, an insurance company or any other financial institution, ASH Institute s able to meet your most demanding choices and expectations in order to gather all the ingredients of a decisive and successful training.


Our Framework is based on an authentic and methodical work approach with insured effects. For any mission entrusted to us, two fundamental commitments are proposed: the study Ex ante and the follow-up Ex post.

ASH Institute adopts a conscientious line of conduct which suggests identifying the needs and objectives of any training project to guarantee the best teaching methodology. Perceiving the differences at the end of a seminar or of a training course constitutes an indispensable condition of its realization, and to achieve this we have gathered, over the years a whole arsenal of human and material resources.

ASH Institute gives importance to all the risks of the activity. Themes and trainers strictly selected on the basis of well-studied criteria. Efficient equipments offering a frame and all the conveniences appropriate to a high-level training. Our friendly atmosphere guaranteeing an irreproachable quality service, personalized and custom-made supports, etc.

ASH Institute assures a follow-up after the period of training itself, in order to provide the clarifications and the necessary updates to by-pass the practical difficulties encountered after the training.

Our Framework aims to discover the client and his needs in order to offer him the appropriate services, and to follow him after the training period, during a post-learning phase, during which our participants will have the chance to concretize, in the field, any acquired informations.


The banking and financial sector plays crucial role in the economic growth. The implementation of sustainable and inclusive financial mechanisms within a continent eager for progress, by the same token, the ability to monitor international evolutions affecting the sector, particularly in regulation and technology terms sounds as an obligation that depends on the proper exercise of the activity.

As part of a continual development of skills and capacities, ASH Institute spots new topics, adapts existing mechanisms and invites the proper resources to ensure the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of know-how.

ASH Institute offers training sessions at several levels in the banking and financial sector, thus, on one hand is to satisfy on the African labor market, in the other hand, is helping to strengthen the professional capacities of private companies, public administrations and financial institutions.

ASH Institute also offers tools and HR solutions adapted to African entities, and dedicated to the company directors, to the human resources, training and information system managers.

Our inter-company trainings, perfectly committed to the financial sector; enable the participants to meet with experts in the field and to exchange views on new developments and other problems in this field.

Our internal trainings, make it possible to draw and adjust our catalog’s trainings to the specific situations of our clients, therefore benefit a greater number of participants from financial conditions and logistic modalities that are clearly favorable.

Our customized trainings, makes it possible to meet the specific needs of our clients as the seminars will be prepared and delivered in a personalized way giving them a completely different dimension from a regular training session.





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